Pay Per Application

Tired Paying High Rates Posting Jobs With No Guarantee You Get Applications?

Get 25 to 100 Applications,
In 7 Days OR LESS,
100% Guaranteed.

What Do We Do

We work with your team to create an advertising campaign to reach the right person for your job openings. We focus on search engines, niche sites, networking site and more.


Hire 50% Faster. 28-38% Lower Cost Per Hire.

What Do You Get

Resumes & CV

Professional resumes with work history, education, skills, qualifications and more.

Resume Matching

We match your specifications to candidates applications, so we can only send you qualified, matching.

Reduction In Spam

Your email address is hidden, unless you want it displayed, to prevent spammers from grabbing it and using it.

Cold Calls

Eliminate unannounce cold calls from job seekers (and marketing people looking to sell). We are your front line.

Cost Control

Cut your advertising costs 28-38% using search engines. We help you develop a campaign and bid strategy.

Risk Free

If we fail to send you the number of promised applicants, then we will refund 100% of your money back.

Promise & Guarantee

Promise To Clients

  • Each will have full resume and cover letters.
  • Interested candidates ready and prepared for interview.
  • Auto deduct applications that do not match.

Promise To Job Seekers

  • Your resume is confidential and not exposed online.
  • We help you prepare for your upcoming interviews.
  • We will not farm your resume around to other companies.

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Search Engines Produce Better Candidates

Charles Schwab


This partnership has been an effective way for Schwab to meet demand while controlling costs.

Frank Hynes, VP of Talent Acquisition
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HEI Hotels


Indeed lets us allocate budget to specific titles and markets as needed.

Anne Nguyen, Manager of Talent Acquisition
Learn More

General Dynamics


Sponsoring jobs on Indeed delivered.

Rich Skelnik, Director, Talent Acquisition
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How to Started

Plans & Pricing

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Plan Price Days Guaranteed
Basic $15 30 Post Jobs Now
Premium 1 $199 30 20 Applications Post Jobs Now
Premium 2 $299 30 30 Applications Post Jobs Now
Premium 3 $399 30 40 Applications Post Jobs Now
Premium 4 $499 30 50 Applications Post Jobs Now

What Is Pay Per Application

Search engines such as Google, Indeed and Linkedin allow employers to only pay a small fee (average $1.50) when someone slicks on your job ad to read it. Example - If your budget is $100 and the cost per click is $1, then you can expect 100 people viewed your job ad.

Pay Per Click advertising is a measurement based on how many people among the ones that click to read your job ad, actually applied to your job ad.

For example if you paid $1 for 100 clicks ($100 budget) and 25% or 25 apply for the job, then your CPA is $4 per application ($100 / 25).

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Why Use Pay Per Click

According to the experts, adding search engines to your recruiting strategy can reduce cost per hire 28 to 35%.

Using search engines put your job in front of people actively looking on boards for jobs and those that might be viewing a favorite site and is interested.

Converting the right candidates to apply to your jobs is the key objective. To achieve this, we help your by planning your campaign, writing your job ad, building your job landing page and designing your application form (so you get top people).

Finally, instead of paying a flat fee just to be listed on a board, you only pay when someone clicks to read your ad.

Our Guarantee

If we fail to deliver the amount of candidates in our proposal then you owe us nothing.

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