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Job boards and the Internet has created an enormous new hiring problem for employers and recruiters, and it is finding quality candidates. Why? Instead of spending their valuable time interviewing and hiring, they spend time sorting through hundreds of résumés, many of which are not qualified, not seriously interested in the position or have already taken a job.

Our mission is to help top sales producers connect with employers and recruiters.

Power Sales Jobs takes our clients jobs and post them to hundreds of partner sites, saving them 38-50% and hours of work time posting jobs. We help them sort through applications submitted to their job and collect information they need to make decisions on who to interview and possibly hire.

Power Sales Jobs turns the challenge of mountains of résumés into an opportunity to discover powerful Sales & Marketing producers. Rather than running from large quantities of applicants, we seek them out.

Based on our client’s budgets, we source the largest pool of qualified candidates we can find, quickly filter through them, and select the best ones for you to interview and hire.

To accomplish this, we use search engines such as Indeed, Google, and Linkedin as well as top job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilders. They can lower your cost per hire, help you hire faster and will attract higher quality candidates.

Power Sales Jobs can reduce the search-to-hire cycle by focusing on delivering only quality candidates to you (usually in just one week). By contrast, traditional employment period can be 90 days or even longer. Get A Quote

How Much Does All This Costs


We charge a small fee to write job ads, post the jobs on selected sites, freshen them so they stay relevant and manage applicants for our clients. We work on an hourly basis, flat rate or commission. It is up to our client.

Please check all the services you want us to provide. This helps us not to waste your time when we contact you.