Power Sales Jobs turns the challenge of mountains of résumés into an opportunity to discover powerful Sales & Marketing producers. Rather than running from large quantities of applicants, we seek them out. We source the largest pool of qualified candidates we can find, quickly filter through them, and select the best ones for you to interview and hire. To accomplish this, we proactively search for them using search engines.

Power Sales Jobs can reduce the search-to-hire cycle by focusing on delivering only quality candidates to you (usually in just one week). By contrast, traditional employment period can be 90 days or even longer.

Let Us Show You How Much You Can Save

Using Search Engines Such as Indeed Can Lower Cost Per Hire is faster and can attract higher quality candidates. Give us 24-48 hours, and we can show you how. If you agree with our plan of action and budget, then we will start the work. Your cost up to that point is zero. After that, it is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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