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Let us help you find your next hire. Pay only for results. You set the rate you want to pay. Imagine getting top qualified applications in your email box that not only match your job specification but lowers your sourcing costs.

Save time not having to review hundreds of resumes.

✔ 35 Years Real World Experience.

✔ Assistance Screening & Matching.

✔ Matching Applicants in 15 Days.

✔ Pay only for applications we send.

✔ 90 Day Hiring Guarantee.

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Our job is to connect top sales producers with employers and recruiters. We post our jobs to 200+ partner sites such as Indeed, Google. We handle all the details to drive traffic to your jobs, from SEO to pay per click ads.

Start attracting qualified candidates today. Post jobs today.

✔ We will help you write job ads.

✔ We repost jobs To 200+ partner sites.

✔ You control application flow.

✔ Optimize jobs for increase traffic.

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Contract Recruiter

As Contract Recruiter, I partner with clients to help them achieve their goals and objectives. If they do not make a strong profit, return on investment, and exceed your expectations, then they owe me nothing.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. (2)

Many HR Professionals and Business Owners are discovering the benefits of outsourcing part or all of the sourcing process so that they can focus more of their time on more important business tasks.

Routine tasks such as writing job ads, researching keywords, hand posting online, measuring results and gathering facts, takes lots of time and could cost more than they realize.

Here Is What We Do

The solution is to hire a Sourcing Specialist with proven expertise in search and dedication in continuing learning & skill building.

✔ Plan, all phases of the project, set budgets and lock in details.

✔ Source talent using search engines, social media, and niche sites.

✔ Gather all the information required for my clients to make decisions.

✔ Send matching applicants to you to interview and possibly hire.

✔ Compile and maintain records and report to management.

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