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We look for talented sales and marketing people. You could call us but the best way to sell yourself is by completing our online resume. You can make it visible to employers online or private. We will refer you to our premium clients looking to hire.

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Power Sales Job mission is to connect top sales producers with employers and recruiters. All jobs are read by human before being allowed in the system, so you don't waste time with scams, MLM or dead end jobs. Sales has changed over the past ten years, and the need for a new type of sales professional is in high demand. Check out the Salary Estimator below to see how much you can make and the job description tool to see what is required.

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Using My 25 Years Of Real World Selling Experience I Help Companies Build Diverse, High Performing Sales Organizations. I Use Technology To My Advantage In Recruiting Top Talent By Using Search Engines, Social Media, Networking And Other Sites.