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Power Sales Jobs pulls jobs from top job boards, niche sites and search engines. We list our jobs with Indeed.com, Careerbuilders, Monster, Google and more. Employers and Recruiters pay our fee, 100% free for Job seekers. We offer additional services for job seekers for a fee. See below.

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Your resume is kept confidential and not displayed on the Internet for the public to see. We only submit your resume to clients when you apply to one of our jobs. We will not sell, trade or use your personal information for anything other than alerting you of matching jobs.

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How We Help Employers & Recruiters

Is your time being wasted reading resumes, posting jobs on dozens of job boards, surfing social media and networking?

It's estimated that 60% of recruiters and employers time is being taken doing these routine jobs. It's becoming a major time waster with little guarantee of recruiting success.

Let Power Sales Jobs help you find top sales representatives and managers. We guaranteed it or you money will be refunded.

How It Works

Simply post your job on Power Sales Jobs. Select the premium jobs. Review the job and then pay. If you prefer us to invoice you or you submit a check afterwards, we can do that too. We will then read your job, we hand post it to other sites such as search engines, social media, niche sites, job boards, local listing and classifieds.

Key Benefits

  • You will see a reduction in spam emails and marketing mail.
  • The number of people cold calling you will also reduce or eliminated.
  • You will get back time that otherwise would be wasted on routine tasks.

We are Search Consultants. Our role is to find quality sales people. Your job is to interview and hire. We can help gather the information, check references and background but that is a little bit extra.

All work is done within the United States by real people living here. With 30 years of experience building diverse, strong, high performing sales organizations, we can help you find, hire and train top people, Guaranteed.

To start, send us the job you want to fill, along with your contact information. We will review the information and prepare our recommendation before we contact you. If you approve of our plan, then we start the work.

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"The definition of insanity is doing the same things over ands over, expecting a different results." Albert Einstein

How To Post Jobs

Post your job with us FREE for 15 days. Upload your logo and use our internal applicant tracking system. Add your company details in your profile.

Premium jobs give you more time and are guaranteed to deliver results or your money back.

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Should You Hire An Independent Sales Person

You already know what to expect when you hire a full time employees for sales jobs. The new trend in the country is to hire Independent Sales Professional. They are different and offer some unique benefits:

You do not have to provide them with office space, equipment or training. They are self employed.

You do not pay their federal or state taxes, social security or insurance. They manage their own.

You do not spend your time trying to manage them to ensure the job is done.

They are already motivate to get the job quickly and efficently. They have other clients.

You can evaluate their performance and make corrections if needed. They work on contract.

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2. https://www.sba.gov/starting-business/hire-retain-employees/hire-contractor-or-employee
3. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/independent-contractor-self-employed-or-employee

Improve Your Linkedin Profile

We use Linkedin to help us find top sale producers for our clients. Linkedin is more than a place to seek a candidates background (resume), it also gives us insight into the background, passion and character.

  • Make sure you have a complete and detailed profile.
  • Search titles of the people that can hire you.
  • Make contact with hiring managers using your research.

Need Help With Linkedin

Send Your Resume To Recruiters

The best way to reach us is to submit your resume and apply to the jobs that you feel you are qualified. Our jobs are screened to not show MLM, marketing or scam jobs. We are not perfect, so if you see any let us know.

Develop your sales strategy for your most important product - you. Get a resume website, complete Linkedin profile, submit your resume to sites like ours. It is hard work, but the pay off is a better job.

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Refer A Friend

Know someone that would be great for one of our jobs?

Tell us about them and if they get the job through us, we will share some of our revenue with you.

Refer A Friend

What Do We Do?

  • Send an email to your friend inviting them to join.
  • When they join, we alert you that your friend has joined.
  • If your friend gets hired through us, we send you a gift.

30 Years Real World Experience is the Best Teacher

Carlton's Bio

Over 30 years experience building diverse, strong high performing sales & marketing teams.

He uses his skills and experience to help startups, small business and turnaround organizations build high performing teams.


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